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Proven, world-class ITU-R accepted technology Kenwood's ITU-R accepted and award winning NXDN™ Common Air Interface (CAI) NEXEDGE® digital two-way radio system has been proven to deliver innovative and flexible mission and business critical digital conventional and trunked radio solutions to meet the most stringent demands of today’s radio system environment and provide users with a multitude of advanced voice and data features.

Radio Activity DMR

Radio Activity is a dynamic electronics engineering company and part of the JVCKENWOOD Group. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of wired and wireless two-way radio equipment and systems for the professional telecommunications market. Radio Activity LogoRadio Activity is a DMR Association accredited laboratory for interoperability testing and has developed advanced solutions for analogue and digital radio networks.

Analogue PMR Radios and Systems

The legendary Kenwood Pro-Talk PMR446 walkie talkie, now in its third generation has proven itself across a wide variety of Business & Industry as well as in semi-professional applications - its unbeatable combination of Kenwood build quality, ease of use and performance making it the first choice for discerning users.

NEXEDGE NXDN provides operations critical communications for what is set to become the world’s largest airport